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Martin Codyre personal projects site

Martin is an entrepreneur, engineer and neuroscientist. This is his personal site with links to projects and some professional stuff. Thanks for dropping by.


Martin has a masters degree in neuroscience and has deep expertise in neural regenerative medicine along with neural engineering


Martins first degree is in mechanical engineering and he loves building stuff in the physical and digital world.  He tries to obey the laws of thermodynamics whenever possible.

Human Machine Interfaces

Ways of interacting with computers and other machines without using hands and other traditional means.


Martin co-founded in 2007 which was an early live-streaming website.  It had similarities to 

Solving hard problems

Through many years of research into my personal medical issues I have had to learn the hard way what it takes to solve seemingly intractable problems from a human incentives perspective.

Algorithmic trading

Martin has significant experience in running high volume enterprise level algorithmic and HFT trading systems.  


I have been more than intrigued by Bitcoin and the chaotic cryptocurrency world since it’s beginnings.  It has led me down a deep rabbit hole wrt economics, incentive systems, sociology, cryptography etc. etc. I took the red pill.

Biotechnology CEO

Founder of GiantLeap Biotechnology.  IP/Legal/ standard company stuff etc.


Mod My Life was a mobile originated live video startup that enabled crowds of Internet viewers to interact with events happening in the live video stream. Essentially the gamification of live video.




A company developing therapies to restore function to those with spinal cord injuries.

Panacea Institute

Panacea Institute

Founder/Concept owner

The Panacea Institute is a concept and embryonic (It’s dormant atm) company developed during the 2017 Founders Institute Dublin edition that can be summed up thusly – “The Panacea Institute will cure rare diseases using a novel incentive systems to fund, control, validate, measure, deliver and reward curative research.”.